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Mandeville, LA 70471
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The Novedo Group can help answer a great number of questions.  We
can also provide answers to questions you haven’t thought to ask
because the underlying issue has not yet surfaced as a problem.

We work with our clients to design and implement answers to both the
questions they know and the questions they don’t, increasing the
efficiency and effectiveness of their organizations and helping them
achieve their goals.

Each and every answer is based on a thorough understanding of the
business process, people and information flow in the organization.  
Our answers are not quick fixes; our objective is to identify and solve
the underlying issue instead of the surface symptom.

The Why’s:
  • Why can’t we invoice our customers on a timely basis?
  • Why is the information in our system so often incorrect?
  • Why is our inventory so high?
  • Why are we always fighting fires?
The What’s
  • What are our customers buying?What will they be buying?
  • What skill sets do we need on the team today? in the future?
  • What does our cash/working capital/loan availability situation look like
    now?  next week?  a month from now?
  • What is driving our financials?
  • What bad habits don’t we know about?
The Who’s:
  • Who is doing what today?
  • Who should be my partners in the marketplace?
  • Who should we be looking to acquire? Who is looking to acquiring us?
The How’s:
  • How can we get the capital to expand the business?
  • How can we get the information we need to run the business?
  • How can we make more information-based decisions and fewer
    emotions-based decisions?
  • How can we spend more time developing new business?